Set up Docker desktop for windows

Docker desktop is a pretty neat tool that allows you to spin up docker containers on your windows machine. For those of you would don’t know what Docker is I have written an article about it called what-is-docker .

  • To get started download and install the file from the official DockerHub site.
  • When asked to pick windows or linux containers, choose linux. This can be changed later.
  • After the install ensure virtualisation has been enabled. You can check this in the Performance tab of task manager. If this is not enabled you will need to enable it via the BIOS settings.
  • You will also need to have Hyper-V enabled in the Windows Features directory. (Type Windows Features in the windows search bar)
  • Reboot your machine.
  • Check docker engine is running in the icon tool tray. If it is red then you have a problem.

Execute the following to check if it is working correctly:

  • docker --version
  • docker ps (there should be no containers at first, but this command should NOT fail)
  • Last step is to share the drives you want to be available to your containers. This can be done in the Settings menu under Shared Drives

From my personal experience I have found the tool to behave ‘unexpectedly’ at times. Whenever I changed my laptop’s password, the icon in the tool-tray would turn red. Overall though it really does make deploying web apps in containers quite interesting.

Definitely worth having a play around.

Photo by Rye Jessen

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